Trueskill Winter Championship – Rules

Created and Hosted By: Trueskill
Tournament Type: 2v2v2v2v2v2
Starting Date/Time: Saturday, April xth @ x PM EDT (xx:xx GMT)
Registration Deadline: Saturday, April xth @ x PM EDT (xx:xx GMT)

Trueskill tournament points

I. Registration
Players must register themselves through Twitter. Players do not have to register individually in team formats.

a.i. Players must be registered in the friendbot database.

b. You must have a Twitter account to register.

b.i. If a player is found to be alternate accounting, they will be punished by the tournament staff depending on severity and immediately disqualified from the tournament.​

c. Discord ID is only required for hosting. If you have any chance to host, please sign up as one.

c.i. OpenHost is required to sign up as a host.​

d. Players that cheated during the Wiimm-Fi era (May 2014 – now) in a competitive online room (clanwar, mogi, tournament, league) are prohibited from registering.

d.i. Should a banned player create an alternate friend code, and have a non-banned player register and claim the friend code as their own, the non-banned player will be event banned for the next 6 months.​

e. You may not change your friend code or your tag after the tournament starts.
e.i. You may not use the same tag as an already registered team.
f. You may not ask someone to sub your teammate after round 1.

f.i. If a player/a team is unable to play the following round despite qualification, the next highest scoring team from the same room will be advancing.​

g. If you wish to cancel your registration, please post it on Twitter with the following hashtag: #TSWC19Unreg

II. General
 When you sign up to the tournament, you agree to the rules of the tournament and to the final decisions of the tournament organizers.
b. Free choice of vehicles, characters, and controllers.
c. Repeats are -20 points (unless there is proof of CTGP random) and reset each round.
d. Major glitches and hacking (this includes ”draggable blue shells” and ”mii heads on minimap”) are not allowed. Performing these glitches will result in immediate disqualification.

d.i. The following track glitches are not allowed:​
– Mushroom Gorge​
– Mario Circuit​
– Coconut Mall (this includes not only the ultra, but also the downward spiral-skip)​
– Wario’s Gold Mine​
– Maple Treeway​
– Grumble Volcano (the rockhop and lava respawn are allowed)​
– Rainbow Road (the moonjump is allowed)​
– GCN Peach Beach​
– GCN Waluigi Stadium​
– N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway​
– N64 Sherbet Land​
d.ii. Should a player glitch, the host is to immediately end the room, blacklist the offender(s), and continue as normal. All races up to that point will count. The offender(s) will be banned from the next 2 events.​

e. Each round prior to semi-finals consists of 2 GPs.
f. Semi-Finals and Finals will be 3 GPs.
g. Trolling is not allowed.

g.i. If a player trolls, the host is to immediately end the room, blacklist the offender(s), and continue as normal. All races up to that point will count. The offender(s) will be banned from the next 6 events.​
h. You cannot voice communicate with other players in your room.
h.i. If a player is found to be voice communicating, they will be disqualified and banned for the next 2 events.​

i. Teaming with other teams is banned.

i.i. If a player is found to be teaming, they will be disqualified and banned for the next 2 events.​

j. The Trueskill staff members have the right to take action on instances that they believe prevent the tournament from running smoothly. This includes, but is not limited to: players causing toxic connection, warping around the room, manipulating the rules, etc.
k. Rules are subject to change until the start time.

III. Scoring
 The total points a player earns is the sum of the two GPs (three GPs are played in semi-finals and finals).
b. Scores are based on the GP that you’ve played. If you play only one GP, you will get only points from that GP.
c. Disconnecting will result in zero points unless proven otherwise, as well as +3 for each race missed.
d. If a player disconnects before the end of the first race, they are compensated with 12 points.
e. If 3 or more people disconnect from the room before race 1, the room must be restarted. Disconnections after the beginning of race 1 will be ignored.

IV. Groups
 Groups prior to the finals are selected based on seedings. Seedings are based on lounge MMR for this first tournament.
b. Players must add their respective host and join when the room is opened.
c. Failure to join within the allotted time will result in an automatic disqualification.
d. 6 players of each room will be advanced, unless otherwise stated prior to the round (e.g. 3 rooms in the Semi Final would lead to top 2 advancing), regardless of how many players play.

V. Room
 Hosts (if using Whitelist OpenHost) must add players at least 5 minutes before the starting time of the round where possible.
b. Players have 10 minutes to join the room from the starting time of the round. If the round starts at 17:30, then players must join by 17:40.
c. The host must open the room within 10 minutes after the round announcement time.
d. In the rare event that there are not enough hosts available, the Trueskill staff will disqualify the last x amount of participants.

d.i. For example, if there is one room without a host, the last 12 participants to sign up will be disqualified.​

e. Player are obligated to launch the game through CTGP

e.i. Hosts MUST have the following settings:

Double-check these settings. All these settings may be strictly followed (including normal engine classes), only exception is ”speedometer”, ”save game on SD card”, special fonts” and ”remove game music’‘ which can be on or off based on the host’s/player’s personal preference.

f. If a host is found to be breaking hosting rules, they will be permanently banned from hosting a room in any event by staff discretion.

Signup Format (ON TWITTER):
Team tag – your nickname – your FC – your Discord ID (provide your discord ID ONLY if you wish to host) – your streaming channel if you stream
Team tag – your partner’s nickname – your partner’s FC – your partner’s streaming channel if he streams


£★ – ¢rash – (Crash#0000) –
£★ – Noct’l –




Good luck!

– Trueskill staff